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Deep Cleaning Your Home After New Construction or Any Renovations in Halton Region Ontario

Renovating your home can be even more stressful than moving. Anyone who has ever made additions or changes to their home knows the long and dusty battle it can be.

But now that battle of home construction or renovation is coming to an end and it's time to think about a deep clean before you resume your regular activities!  Before the dust has a chance to settle into crevices and ducts, Maid Clean Services can be there to help deep clean your new and existing spaces so you get maximum enjoyment from your refurbished space. We offer our post-renovation / post-construction deep cleaning to the Halton Region of Ontario including Milton, Halton Hills, Georgetown and Oakville.

Despite best attempts to control it, when renovating, dust still gets everywhere including sections of your home outside the work zone. We can do a complete household clean of not just the construction areas but your whole home, including areas were items have been stored and living quarters cramped for weeks or months - and making thorough cleaning mission impossible.

Maid Clean Services specialized post-construction and post-renovation cleaning team offer a keen eye to finesse the details and will strive to ensure your revitalized living space is everything you dreamed it would be.  Cleaning deeply before you start using your new space to its full potential is important in order to protect new and previous finishes, mechanical and electronic components and most importantly your loved ones lungs from fine residual dusts and post-construction particles.

We also offer in-progress construction cleaning to help out the "Do-It-Yourself" project master or your General Contractor, like a thorough cleaning between stages. This can be particularly helpful to eliminate dust and remove hazards like dropped nails or screws between rough construction (framing and dry walling activities) and before final finishes like cabinets, trim, smart-home electronics and finished floors are installed.

With our insured and bonded team and excellent service, we guarantee you will have one less thing to worry about. Our professional and detailed post-construction / post-renovation cleaning gives you peace-of-mind to know your space is as clean as it can be and puts you one-step closer to enjoying your remodeled home with your family!

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