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How about we told you that you can have a cleaner and healthier house without having to compromise your personal life or putting in any effort? Seems too good to be true right? But Maid Clean Services can make it happen. With our trusted and reliable residential cleaning services in Oakville, Burlington & nearby areas, we are serving the community and promoting a healthy and happy environment with our conscious efforts.

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Our Oakville & Burlington Cleaning Solutions

At Maid Clean Services in Oakville & Burlington, we employ an expert team of professionally trained, licensed, and uniformed professionals who are not afraid to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Our cleaning practices are not about being conventional but to serve our customers with a feeling of security and assurance of having every corner of their home cleaned. Let’s take a step towards creating a clean and healthy environment together and help us put a fresh spin on outdated cleaning practices.

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Why Choose Us

Our unrelenting spirit and persistence to maintain international cleaning standards with our services have helped us have an established presence in the industry as leading experts. But if you are still looking for a reason to choose us. Here are some but not limited to:

Trust & Reliability

Apart from having the highest quality of service, trust and reliability are our strongest points. Cleaning services are often scheduled when customers are not at home. In this scenario, you need a service provider that you can trust, who can do their job right without any complaints.

Certified & Experienced

Over a decade of experience in the industry of introducing the wonders of professional cleaning services to homeowners has helped us to enrich our community. Our expert team of professional cleaners uses state-of-the-art cleaning practices in each corner of your home.

Customer Satisfaction

Maid Clean Services value customer satisfaction more than anything and hence we are not afraid to go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our services as well as the professional yet friendly behavior of our team.

Our Oakville & Burlington Cleaning Services

We offer various types of cleaning services to remain adaptable to the requirements of our customers. You can conveniently choose from the options available below to have your house cleaned without any hassles.

Spare yourself from the hassle of having to schedule your house cleaning every time with our scheduled cleaning services. You can choose from our weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning plan to schedule your recurring booking and make things easy.

For easy transitioning into the new apartment, we highly recommend our customers to have the entire area cleaned whenever they are moving in or out of a place and we, at Maid Clean Services can take care of that conveniently with our move-in-move-out cleaning.

One-time cleaning or occasional cleaning services are offered for customers who only want to have their house cleaned for a certain occasion. Whether you want to make your home clean for your guest or disinfect it occasionally, you just need to call Maid Clean Services and we will be at your disposal.

The importance of having an infection-free environment has recently come to light and high-touch surface cleaning has proved to be extremely helpful in preventing infections. Our expert team is highly trained in following safety protocols and disinfecting the high-touch surfaces of your home with perfection.

About Maid Clean Services

Maid Clean Services was founded in the year 2009 with the goal to improve the residential cleaning standards by filling the void in the industry. Our primary focus is on offering complete customer satisfaction and sourcing superior quality cleaning supplies to provide homeowners across Oakville & Burlington with the best value for their money. With our environmental-conscious efforts, we are also focused on using an eco-friendly approach to offer green cleaning techniques. Our enduring commitment to promoting economic, social, and environmental sustainability has allowed us to create a healthy, safe, and flourishing environment for generations to come.

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Important FAQs

FAQs Maid Clean Services

After you have scheduled a cleaning appointment with us, based on your time and date preference we will send the best professionals available from a vast network of experienced, top-rated cleaners. They will clean your house thoroughly, you can choose to stay at home or be outside during the session. You will be notified as soon as the cleaning is done, then you can inspect the house and share your feedback.

Our residential cleaning services in Oakville & Burlington are inclusive of living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom cleaning. It will include cleaning your floors, every corner, doors, windows, upholstery, furniture, etc. You can also customize the plan as per your needs.

Based on your needs, you can schedule a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning appointment. Our most popular option is bi-weekly cleaning where professionals clean your house every two weeks.

It generally depends on the size of your house. But to give you a basic idea, it can take approximately 3 hours which can change based on the area per square feet.