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Between all the hustles of our daily life, it feels like we are always running out of time. But we at Maid Clean Services acknowledge the need to have a healthier and cleaner house without giving up your personal time with friends and family in the Milton area. With our committed efforts, we are there to lend a helping hand to our customers. Our sustainable approach and eco-friendly business model have allowed us to propel into the future of residential cleaning standards. With our competitive prices, we are making efforts to make exceptional cleaning practices accessible to everyone.

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Our Milton Cleaning Solutions

Maid Clean Services offer the best cleaning services all over Milton & surrounding area so that at affordable cost, homeowners across the area can access top-notch cleaning practices. Our cleaners are serving the Milton & nearby areas for a decade and have been successful in establishing the highest cleaning standards and protocols for the rest of the industry.

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What We Offer

Our determination towards creating a sense of security and promoting good health in every home has proved to be revolutionary in setting the standards for residential cleaning services.

Years of Experience

Maid Clean Services has been serving the community with its pro cleaning methods for over a decade with the help of our seasoned professionals. Through our existing safety protocols & extensive experience, our customers can rest assured that their house cleaning will be backed by decades of experience.

Expert Team of Professionals

Maid Clean Services employs only highly skilled and expert cleaners to remain true to our promise. As leaders in the industry for offering home cleaning services to residents in Acton, we have updated our skills and methods while adhering to world-class standards to provide only the best quality in service.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is always a priority at Maid Clean Services. We are never afraid to go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our services and also with the hygiene of their homes. We also value feedback and strive to achieve perfection through our methods.

Our Milton Cleaning Services

We offer various types of cleaning services to remain adaptable to the requirements of our customers. You can conveniently choose from the options available below to have your house cleaned without any hassles.

Our scheduled cleaning services are designed for homeowners who are interested in having their house cleaned regularly on a weekly,  bi-weekly, and monthly basis. Customers don’t have to go through the hassles of booking their appointment every time, as they can set their preferences for recurring cleaning services with our Scheduled cleaning option.

For easy transitioning into the new apartment, we highly recommend our customers to have the entire area cleaned whenever they are moving in or out of a place and we, at Maid Clean Services can take care of that conveniently with our move-in-move-out cleaning.

One-time cleaning or occasional cleaning services are offered for customers who only want to have their house cleaned for a certain occasion. Whether you want to make your home clean for your guest or disinfect it occasionally, you just need to call Maid Clean Services and we will be at your disposal.

Our tech-savvy professionals use electrostatic cleaning methods to leverage the latest advancements in the industry that helps you prevent the risk of inspection of your home by getting rid of all the bacterias, germs, and viruses present on high-touch surfaces.

About Maid Clean Services

Maid Clean Services was founded in the year 2009 with the aim to improve the standards of professional cleaning services for residents of the Milton area and to introduce up-and-coming cleaning methods for enhancing the effectiveness of professional cleaning. Over the last decade, we have created an established presence in the industry by offering customized cleaning services tailored to your needs. Our team of expert cleaners is highly skilled, licensed, and bonded to serve the community with the highest quality of service while maintaining professionalism.

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Important FAQs

FAQs Guelph Page

We always give our customers some time to inspect their homes after we are done with the cleaning. Customers can share their feedback on the spot if they are not satisfied with the cleaning, and our professionals will examine and work again to meet your expectations. You can also get in touch with us later if you have any complaints and we will try everything in our capacity to resolve the issue.

Our regular cleaning plan includes a thorough cleaning of every room of your home, from bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms to living room or any room that you may have. Our professionals clean every surface and corner with attention to detail as well as all your furniture, upholstery,m doors, windows, appliances will be cleaned as well.

No, Maid Clean Services uses its own cleaning products and supplies that are approved at industrial standards to clean your house. our products are also eco-friendly to remain environmentally conscious.