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Maid Clean Services has been serving the Guelph & Halton Region community for over 12 years with its exceptional residential cleaning, maintenance, and janitorial services. As industry leaders, we are committed to enriching our community by offering the absolute best cleaning services with 100% customer satisfaction. The quality of our services perfectly reflects our creative, unique, and sustainable approach. Our commitment to promoting a healthy and happy life has helped us create a better tomorrow with a sense of safety.

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Our Cleaning Solutions

We offer our cleaning services all over the Halton region so that homeowners across the region can access excellent cleaning practices at an affordable cost. Our expert team at Maid Clean Services who are serving as professional cleaners in Guelph, Ontario for over a decade have been pioneers in establishing the cleaning standards for the rest of the industry. With our determined approach, we have served countless customers with their customized cleaning services and beyond.

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Residential Cleaning
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Commercial Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services in Guelph, Ontario

With our residential cleaning services, we employ the best practices to make you and your family feel safe and comfortable in your home. Our skilled professionals are highly trained to clean each corner of your home, with attention to detail. With our residential cleaning, we offer cleaning and maintenance of your living room, bedrooms, kitchen bathroom, study, the external envelope of your home, etc.

We, at Maid Clean Services completely understand the importance of maintaining hygiene, and are committed to cater to the needs of our customers by offering inclusive residential cleaning packages.

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Residential Cleaners Guelph

Office Cleaning Services in Guelph, Ontario

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

Our Commercial Cleaning Services are designed for commercial spaces, such as office spaces, community buildings, schools, private clinics, etc. Employers are constantly taking steps to make their employees feel safe by maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at the workplace and we, at Maid Clean Services, facilitate that with our commercial cleaning services. 

Our professional cleaners are highly trained to disinfect every corner of your workplace, without damaging any devices or appliances. Maid Clean Services has seen a huge surge in commercial cleaning as the offices are now re-opening and employers and managers are concerned about the safety of their teams.

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Our Guelph Cleaning Services

With their busy schedule, Customers can schedule our services weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly with us to have their house or workplace cleaned without any hassle. You can also choose to remain available at home or the office during the scheduled cleaning or can also schedule it while you are away.

For easy transitioning into the new apartment, we highly recommend our customers to have the entire area cleaned whenever they are moving in or out of a place and we, at Maid Clean Services can take care of that conveniently with our move-in-move-out cleaning.

Whenever you renovate your home, it can be hard to get rid of all the wood filings, dust, dirt, and harmful chemicals with your regular cleaning. That is why Maid Clean Services offer the thorough cleaning of your space while combining our expertise and the latest practices in the cleaning industry.

If you are renting a place, you can never be too sure about the cleanliness of that space, therefore, it is highly recommended by us that before you move in you call in professional cleaning services, to clean the whole area. This can help you make your experience stress-free and more enjoyable. 

One-time cleaning or occasional cleaning are generally performed when homeowners need their house to be cleaned for a certain occasion. Whatever the reason could be, Maid Clean Services are always there to make your home feel like a dream and leave an impression on your guests.

Maid Clean Services also offer high-touch surface disinfecting which is more common in commercial cleaning. Commercial buildings tend to be busy all the time, and with different people working and existing in the same area, and that is why the process of disinfecting is necessary to avoid the risk of infection from bacteria and viruses.

About Maid Clean Services

Maid Clean Services is an independently owned and operated company that has been offering professional cleaning services since 2009. Over the last decade, we have built a solid reputation in the cleaning industry and our diversified clientele, consisting of homeowners of different classes, government institutions, medical centers, condominiums, businesses, etc. is rapidly growing. As industry leaders, we have pioneered the latest practices in the industry and our effective approach in serving clients has helped us exceed their expectations every time. We generally specialize in any kind of cleaning there is, but we are still flexible and adaptable to the needs of our customers along with offering competitive prices. 

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What Customers Are Saying About Maid Clean Services

“Maid Clean Services has surpassed all our expectations and done an impeccable job in cleaning our home. I was totally surprised by the amount of attention to detail they have put into their work. Would totally recommend them to everyone.”

Mr. Matthews, from Guelph

“I hired Maid Clean Services for cleaning my home after renovation as it was getting less bearable for us due to all the chemical smell and dirt everywhere. They did an amazing job and cleaned every corner with such perfection. I was very impressed with them, and also hired them for regular cleaning immediately.”

Mrs. Garette, from Guelph

“The team at Maid Clean Services was friendly yet professional. I had a few concerns about their cleaning practices and they explained everything in detail with such patience. As a new mom, it really helped my peace of mind and I am definitely looking forward to working with them again.”

Miss Linda, from Guelph

“I was actually able to see the full potential of my apartment after it was cleaned by Maid Clean Services. The condo never looked or smelled better before and everything was cleaned with such detail, I was instantly impressed.”

Mr. James, from Guelph

Important FAQs

FAQs Guelph Page
Maid Clean Services in Guelph have a professional team of fully trained and insured house cleaners who come to your house for cleaning. Our team is perfectly trained to behave in a professional manner so that our customers can attain the highest satisfaction. Each member of our team knows how to perform expert cleaning practices and they are also trained every once in a while to make sure they are up to date with the latest cleaning techniques.

While our team makes a great effort to offer maximum safety and security to you and your family, we still recommend our clients keep their possessions in a safe place for their own peace of mind. Keep their pets in one place so that cleaning can be carried out conveniently and your pet can also be comfortable.

No, the team of Maid Clean Services carries all their cleaning materials with them when they arrive. Our products are always of the best quality that is used for professional cleaning only. 

No, We completely understand that most of the customers are at work when we arrive, as our usual cleaning time is between 8:30 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. That is why in the majority of cases you are provided with a spare key or garage key to clean the home while you are not available.