What is Cleaning for a Reason?

Cleaning for a Reason encompasses more than 1200 cleaning partners throughout Canada and the United States. Together, we serve cancer patients by offering them free house cleaning. Maid Clean Services is proud to support those undergoing cancer treatment in the Halton Hills and Milton areas.

You can learn more about this incredible cleaning industry program at cleaningforeason.org.

Why do we do this?

Keeping a clean home for many is a stressful proposition at the best of times between demanding work and family schedules. The challenges of dealing with cancer treatment and on your health adds a layer of stress a patient simply doesn’t need. That’s why Maid Clean Services wants to help! We can take some of the pressure off of them, and free up time and energy that is better spent focusing on their health and family.

How can you help?

Thank you for your thoughtfulness! There are a couple of ways you can help with this program.

You can nominate a person (or family) to have their house cleaned

  • Residence must be in Halton Hills, Ontario
  • Someone in the home must be undergoing cancer treatment

You can make a donation directly to CleaningForAReason.org.

“Maid Clean Services has surpassed all our expectations and done an impeccable job in cleaning our home. I was totally surprised by the amount of attention to detail they have put into their work. Would totally recommend them to everyone.”

Mr. Matthews, from Guelph

“I hired Maid Clean Services for cleaning my home after renovation as it was getting less bearable for us due to all the chemical smell and dirt everywhere. They did an amazing job and cleaned every corner with such perfection. I was very impressed with them, and also hired them for regular cleaning immediately.”

Mrs. Garette, from Guelph

“The team at Maid Clean Services was friendly yet professional. I had a few concerns about their cleaning practices and they explained everything in detail with such patience. As a new mom, it really helped my peace of mind and I am definitely looking forward to working with them again.”

Miss Linda, from Guelph

“I was actually able to see the full potential of my apartment after it was cleaned by Maid Clean Services. The condo never looked or smelled better before and everything was cleaned with such detail, I was instantly impressed.”

Mr. James, from Guelph

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