Residential Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning Services

Serving Residences in Milton, Georgetown, Acton, Oakville, Rockwood and Erin, Ontario

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Cleaning Frequencies Available: Bi-weekly, Weekly, Monthly, One Time and Occasional

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Maid Clean Services™ offers a wide selection of different green cleaning services Milton. We do one-time cleans, special occasion cleans, rental property cleaning, estate cleans and post-construction/renovation cleaning. We are pet friendly! All our staff are trained and comfortable working around your furry family members.

Acton Cleaning Services MiltonMove In/Move Out

Moving is an incredibly stressful and busy time for any individual or family. Fortunately, we can help alleviate some of your stress!

Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, it is important to leave behind a clean space for the new inhabitants. Maid Clean Services, your Milton residential cleaners, can relieve the pressure of having to deep clean your previous home while juggling all the stresses of moving.

Alternatively, there is almost nothing worse than walking into your new home and being faced with dirt, grime and tumble-weed sized dust bunnies!  You just want to get life back on track and Maid Clean Services, maid services Milton Ontario, can help you do just that with our fully tailored move in/out program.

It features steam cleaning carpets, polishing hardwood floors, shining windows and completing a detailed clean of every room and wall. Call Maid Clean Services and we can arrange a deep residential cleaning before the mover arrives.

Acton Maid Services GeorgetownOne Time / Spring / Fall Cleanings

Life tends to happen when we least expect it.

Perhaps you find yourself wrapped up with work project or distracted by a personal event and simply can't get everything done. The first thing that often falls off people's lists is cleaning. We can help with a one-time cleaning because a clean space is proven to be less stressful.  Leave the cleaning to us while you focus on those life events that matter most.

Our one-time cleanings are also perfect too for those looking for a professional spring or fall cleaning, gifts for loved ones or some help before holiday company. When you find yourself looking around your home with visions of a clutter free space, it's time to call in your Milton cleaning services.

Residential Cleaners GeorgetownSpecial Occasion

Your big dinner party is just a week away and you still have a million things to do!

Stroke cleaning off your list with a call to Maid Clean Services, maid services Oakville and Halton Hills area. We will come in right before your big event and make sure your selected areas are neat, clean and tidy – such as the living and dining areas and guest bathrooms for example.

Our Special Occasion cleaning service is perfect for preparing your home for guests. From weddings and receptions, showers and family gatherings to work-related dinners. With Maid Clean Services on your team, you can focus on the hors d'oeuvres rather than the dusting and vacuuming.

Cleaning Services Georgetown Maid ServicesRental Home Cleaning

Your rental property is an investment with the purpose of generating income. Get the most return by ensuring it shows well to prospective tenants. Increase the perceived value and rent faster with a clean and fresh-smelling space.

Maid Clean Services of Halton Hills can help you by professionally cleaning your vacant income property, basement apartment or rental home. We provide expertly trained, insured and bonded residential cleaners Acton.

Improve the show of your units. Rent faster to more financially attractive prospects by starting with professional Georgetown cleaning services from Maid Clean Services.

Halton Hills Post-Renovation Cleaning

Post Construction / Renovation

Renovating your home in can be even more stressful than moving. Anyone who has ever made additions or changes to their home knows the long and dusty battle it can be.

Maid Clean Services, your Milton maid services, is experienced in the process of cleaning construction and renovation sites in Halton Hills region during and after the work is completed. With a keen eye and focus on details, we will make sure your new living space is everything you wanted when you began your remodel project.

Our Georgetown residential cleaners also thoroughly clean the rest of your home to remove residual dust, debris or hazardous materials like nails or screws that may be hiding in nooks and crannies. With our insured and bonded team and excellent service, you’ll have one less thing to worry about, so you can get back to enjoying your remodeled home with your family!

Residential Cleaners Oakville Cleaning Services
Estate Cleans

Dealing with an estate clean-up is tiring and stressful.  The last think you want to do when you have a loved one's property cleared out is to start cleaning.

Take a break and concentrate your efforts on the many other challenges estate settlement presents. Leave the final house cleaning to Maid Clean Services and our team of trained Oakville residential cleaners. We will conduct a thorough cleaning and ensure the property is perfectly presentable to family, friends or a real estate agent and their prospective buyers.

You have enough to worry about. Leave the cleaning to us.


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